Our Staff

Grow With M.E. Therapy Services employs a variety of professional and knowledgeable Speech Language Pathologists, as well as, interpreters and translators.
Erin Pullara

Erin has 8 years of experience working as a pediatric speech language pathologist in the Early Intervention Program and currently provides services in the home for many culturally diverse families and children in the birth-three population

Erin’s area of expertise begins with encouraging the child to socially engage, participate  and connect with their families. She believes in teaching families to understand the importance of that relationship and creating that bond is the foundation of all other means of communiation. In addition, other areas consist of language acquisition, motor speech disorders, receptive and expressive language delays, articulation disorders, autism spectrum disorder and oral motor difficulties.

Erin attended Purdue University for undergrad and received a Bachelor of Science in Audiology and Speech Sciences and received her Master of Arts Degree in Speech Language Pathology.  Throughout her years of experience, she have been granted the opportunity to work with a variety of children and adults with varying abilities. She has gained experience in numerous settings including schools, clinics, hospitals and home health. Erin believes in addressing the needs of the individual within the contexts of the family and believes that the families are an integral part of the individual’s life, as well as part of the therapy team.


Paula Bos

 Paula graduated from Saint Xavier University in 2013. Previously she was a pre-school teacher and a stay-at home mom for 20 years. She believes learning should be fun. She prides herself on combining her education and personal experiences to develop individual speech therapy plans for the families and children she works with. Paula believes that good communication within the thereputic team enhances consistancy and purpose for the child’s success.

She is married to her husband Roger, has two grown children, Alyssa and Devin. She also cares for her 2 cats.